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​​At my cIient’s side, I go room by room, closet by closet, space by space and together we evaluate everything within their home. Each item gets sorted into bundles of “keep," "throw out," “recycle," “repurpose," or “donate." Whatever we keep is put into a category, then properly placed with like items in the most convenient and user-friendly space for my client. I do this with a non-judgmental attitude, humor, lightness and most importantly, sensitivity. It is their history unfolding before our eyes so I always stay in the present moment, seeing exactly where my client is within the sometimes difficult process of letting go. I offer ideas and guidance on where donations can be made, arrange to have a large body of discards picked up and assist with storage options.  My ultimate goal is to give my clients the ability to find space in their minds as well in their homes.

Interior Design

This begins with and incorporates a conversation about what my client visualizes for themselves and how their space should feel. Colors are explored, as are source furnishings from furniture to lighting, rugs and art, accessories, the whole gamut. I provide full design services. I can even help with securing qualified contractors to provide specialized work, from custom cabinets to paint jobs, window treatments to floor finishing. Whatever is needed within the home I can source for my client and work with the professionals overseeing the project. That might mean monitoring a paint job or how the wood floors were finished and anything requiring a discerning eye for the most perfect job. I work with all budgets and provide estimates for those clients needing guidance with this as well. 

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