To my mother:

For longest time, my mom would tell me that space is a direct reflection of someone’s life. If it’s cluttered, their lives are cluttered or in disarray. If it’s neat and everything has its place, they most likely have different or all aspects of their lives in order. I wouldn’t think much of it, until recently when she came into my own room to assess and help me with my own space. We went through my drawers, closet, makeup, and jewelry. We even went under my bed. No monsters, though we did meet a ferocious little dust bunny! 

My closet was a definite reflection of the way my life had been. Messy and confusing to say the least...

A closet full of past memories, papers I couldn't look at or give up and bags that had yet to be unpacked. 

We went top to bottom, corner to corner and wall to wall (art is necessary and needed) and 
within a couple of hours my space reflected a new and refreshed life and a lighter, happier more easy going me. 

Yes, this a testimonial and yes I’m her daughter but I after experiencing the decluttering and organizational process, 
I am a true believer. 

“Namaste in my room all day”