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Making Space for New Beginnings

This is a masterclass for empty nesters and beyond. 

The reason I am offering this Masterclass to empty nesters and beyond is because my last class had more older people in it, and that seemed like the perfect target audience as they’ve accumulated the most, and finally had the time to look at it head on. If you are here to get more order in your home regardless of your stage in life, this will support you as well as my upcoming class Clear the Clutter, Create your Space which begins soon.


I want to share a few tips based on my years of experience and why it’s so important to make space whether you are someone who wants a new beginning or continue where you are.

This Masterclass will explore what we do, provide you with information, discuss how we are faced with this daunting task of decluttering. Looking at all this stuff, old stuff, sentimental stuff, kids school stuff, ancient papers, files, stuff, more stuff.  Things lingering around.


Is it possible to come to this personal statement: I am not the gatekeeper of this stuff anymore


Which gives me Stuffocation…. Suffocating with too much stuff

Adding to this statement….I look forward to this wide open expansive opportunity to begin something new. To change my environment to fit, suit, align with who I am. 


I want you to have this mantra: I am excited about creating new. And letting go and having  the freedom from the past, freedom from guilt. I have enough, more than enough. I am exploring the possibilities in my space.


With all this said invite you to join my masterclass, Making Space for New Beginnings. 


Monday, May 31st, 2021 at 12:00 pm ET, or join our live replay at 7:00 pm ET!


Sign up now to receive my uncomplicated mindful blueprint that will help you to understand your current home dynamics and behaviors, and navigate a more peaceful and organized home! 

Meet Your Host:

Ruthie Kukoff began her career as an interior designer working primarily for people living in high end single family homes in suburban New Jersey. She moved to New York City in 2008, during the height of the recession, when there was little opportunity for design work – so she reinvented herself.

A creative individual with the desire to help the underserved, she took a job as an arts intervention specialist for teens at risk at Mount Sinai-St. Luke’s Hospital. During the three-year program that was funded by a government grant, she helped transform teenagers’ lives, witnessing true change and knowing that empowering them was the key to their own success. In December 2014, the grant ended and the reinvention began anew. This time, she knew how to utilize her creative skills in the service of others, and her decluttering business was born.

Personal coaching has been her approach - before getting started, she sits down with her client's and asks what their goals and objectives are. Together, they begin the decluttering journey - working through the persons' home layer by layer to create a peaceful and aesthetic home that her client desires to come home to everyday.

While working with client Lin Manuel-Miranda in his home office, she realized that an organized workspace was something that any individual, in any professional endeavor, could benefit from, and she expanded her business to include office spaces of all sizes.

Ruthie takes enormous satisfaction in witnessing the transformation in the people she works with, when they can sit down to work each day, or come home at the end of the work day, and breathe a sigh of relief rather than feeling overwhelmed by a chaotic mess of disorganization.

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