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About Me

I'm passionate about creating exceptional spaces that inspire and delight. With a dedication to craftsmanship, creativity, and client satisfaction, I strive to exceed expectations with every project I undertake.


My journey in design is rooted in the belief that great design has the power to transform lives. I take pride in blending aesthetics with functionality to craft environments that are both beautiful and practical.

Picture of Ruthie Kukoff

Ruthie Kukoff

"I transform spaces by listening to what people want and need. I design with my clients collaborating throughout the entire process.


We exchange and share ideas. It is a powerful and exhilarating process which I absolutely love. They are equally part of the journey to recreating their homes"

My Journey

My story begins in the suburbs of New Jersey, where I was raising my 2 daughters, now beautiful powerful women inventing their own lives. Designing for high end clients in large homes, and professional offices, offering a range of services from interior design to art consulting.


Fast forward to my move to the big city where I moved in 2005. My focus became very different. Spaces I transformed went from 3000 sq feet to 1200 sq feet, a new challenge for me.

I began to notice the challenge of less space and realized I needed to create functionality within each room, before addressing the interior design portion of the project. This is when my business evolved, bringing in a new specialty of decluttering and organizing.


People wanted new furniture but they were cluttered and I found it important to address how they are best utilizing their space before they started purchasing anything new and before we began the design process.

In 2020 my move to Philadelphia during the height of COVID was to be closer to my daughter who was expecting her first son. My business expanded in the Philadelphia area while continuing my services to NYC clients and elsewhere.

As I settled into my new home in the City of Philadelphia, I found myself embracing not only a change in scenery but also a new sense of purpose. With my daughter preparing to welcome her first son, I was determined to be by her side, offering support, love, and the wisdom of experience.

But amidst the joy of impending parenthood, there was also the challenge of navigating a shifting landscape in my professional life. With clients in New York City and beyond.


I was determined to maintain the same level of excellence and dedication that had defined my work for years. And so, even as I embarked on this adventure, I continued to serve my clients with the same passion and commitment that had always driven me.

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Driven by Clarity:
Finding Motivation Through Happy Clients

To My Mother, Ruthie:

"For the longest time, my mom would tell me that space is a direct reflection of someone’s life. If it’s cluttered, their lives are cluttered or in disarray. If it’s neat and everything has its place, they most likely have different or all aspects of their lives in order.


I wouldn’t think much of it, until recently when she came into my own room to assess and help me with my own space. We went through my drawers, closet, makeup, and jewelry. We even went under my bed. No monsters, though we did meet a ferocious little dust bunny!

My closet was a definite reflection of the way my life had been. Messy and confusing to say the least. A closet full of past memories, papers I couldn't look at, or give up, and bags that had yet to be unpacked.

We went top to bottom, corner to corner, and wall to wall (art is necessary and needed), and within a couple of hours my space reflected a new and refreshed life and a lighter, happier more easy-going me.

Yes, this a testimonial, and yes I’m her daughter but after experiencing the decluttering and organizational process, I am a true believer."

“Namaste in my room all day” 



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My Purpose -
Bringing Clarity and Serenity to Every Home

My mission is to guide individuals towards a sense of satisfaction and liberation through the decluttering process.


I believe in facilitating the release of excess possessions, freeing my clients from emotional burdens and fostering functionality, peace, and joy within their homes. 

By tailoring each space to align with my clients' unique needs and values, I strive to deepen our understanding of one another and cultivate meaningful connections.


Committed to sustainability, I embrace recycling, reusing, and repurposing to organize spaces effectively while minimizing environmental impact. 

My approach blends creativity with practicality, utilizing existing resources to achieve magazine-worthy results and ensuring that every client finds what they need amidst the organization process.


Join me in embracing the transformative power of decluttering, where letting go leads to newfound freedom and fulfillment.

My passion is to ignite a spark of inspiration and transformation within the hearts and homes of individuals. I am driven by the belief that every space holds the potential to become a sanctuary of comfort, harmony, and joy.

Through my work in home interior design, I am dedicated to guiding others on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression.


I am committed to creating environments that not only reflect the unique identities and aspirations of my clients but also nourish their souls and elevate their spirits.

With a deep respect for the planet and a commitment to sustainability, I infuse every design with eco-conscious practices.


From selecting materials with minimal environmental impact to repurposing and reimagining existing elements, I strive to leave a positive footprint on the world around us.

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My Vision -
Creating Inspired Spaces for Every Home

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