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So glad you stopped by.

I have been an Interior Designer for more than 25 years. I love making art, practicing yoga, reading, hanging with friends and family, bingeing great TV and watching my two beautiful grown daughters become wonderful human beings. "Grateful" is an understatement for how I feel about my life.


My career has brought me a spectrum of really interesting work. From high-end single family homes in affluent New Jersey communities to apartment design now that I have lived in Manhattan for the past 12 years, I have found a great need for my clients to have clearer space in their homes and minds.


So I added decluttering and organization to my business. I have navigated people through the transformation not only from being surrounded by beautiful objects and design but through open space, where they can be their best selves without clutter.



02 Service

Ruthie's Home Organizing Packages

#1: Welcome Package
Get your home ready before baby enters your world

#2: Keeping It Together Package
Post-Baby + All types of families

#3 Empty Nesters
After the kids go off to college/move out

#4 Downsizing
Are you moving to a smaller place? Do you have parents moving into senior living? This is your package!

#5: Gift Package
Treat friends and family to the transformative power of decluttering and organizing.

Ruthie's Home Design


​Whether you want to reconfigure a room, find the right placement for art or start from a blank canvas and design an entire home, I do it all. I will help you select paint colors, source furniture, choose rugs, window treatments and furnishings. You name it!
I am a HOME designer who takes pride in creating an environment that resonates with you!


03 Testimonials

To my mother, Ruthie:


For the longest time, my mom would tell me that space is a direct reflection of someone’s life. If it’s cluttered, their lives are cluttered or in disarray. If it’s neat and everything has its place, they most likely have different or all aspects of their lives in order. I wouldn’t think much of it, until recently when she came into my own room to assess and help me with my own space. We went through my drawers, closet, makeup, and jewelry. We even went under my bed. No monsters, though we did meet a ferocious little dust bunny! 

My closet was a definite reflection of the way my life had been. Messy and confusing to say the least...

A closet full of past memories, papers I couldn't look at, or give up, and bags that had yet to be unpacked. 

We went top to bottom, corner to corner, and wall to wall (art is necessary and needed), and within a couple of hours my space reflected a new and refreshed life and a lighter, happier more easy-going me. 

Yes, this a testimonial, and yes I’m her daughter but after experiencing the decluttering and organizational process, I am a true believer. 

“Namaste in my room all day” 




04 Press

January 2018

Ashlie Yair from "A Pitcher Full" Podcast interviews Ruthie Kukoff about being a declutterer in New York City. Listen to it here.


January 2018

Blogger and freelancer, Elizabeth Alterman has a conversation with
Manhattan- based designer and declutterer, Ruthie Kukoff. Read what they talked about on Street Easy...


September 2017

​Ruthie is featured as an author on Read her 10 steps toward
de-cluttering your home here.


August 2017

Ruthie is featured as an author on's "World of Psychology" blog. Check out the piece to read her take on finding the gems in the process of decluttering.

July 2016

"When the clutter begets chaos, she brings the calm."

Ruthie was featured in the July 6-July 12, 2016 issue of The Manhattan Times. A profile of her growing business, the piece describes how this interior designer learned how to utilize her creative skills in the service of others, helping transform lives with her compassionate approach.


To read the full article, click here.

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